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Fleeting School Days

When I think back to middle school and recall the stories that some of my teachers would share about their college-days, I remember how hard they made it seem. Despite this, I would always get the sense that some of their fondest memories had taken place in college, and I can now say with experience that they were correct on both counts. Since freshman year, I have shared with you all my experiences and the memories that I have come … Continue reading

37.5% Done With This Stepping Stone

Yet another semester has passed by– a passing that is indicated by the interruption of a long period of silence on my blog. Blogging is one of the activities I look forward to when I am on holiday, since during my day to day activities, I often make mental notes to mention on my future posts. That being said, I made sure to glance at my Google Analytics report to see how my traffic is holding up. I am happy … Continue reading