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Through the Kindness of Others, Part II

As my plane once again touched down at Narita International Airport, I switched gears — my mangled amalgam of Korean and English would now be replaced by an equally broken mishmash featuring Japanese. Although my experiences in communicating with the Korean people were reassuring, I still found myself a little nervous in approaching others within my new surroundings. Still, just as the case had been at Incheon, there was a task at hand that would thrust me into my first … Continue reading

Through the Kindness of Others, Part I

Around Christmastime each year, I email my friend Arujei to share my holiday greetings and catch up. Because of the way our dynamic works, we tend not to converse much throughout the year, but are always happy to hear from one another around the holiday season. Early this year, one of the topics we touched on was his recent trip to Japan — as Arujei visited the foreign country for the first time, he would share his adventures on social … Continue reading

Prelude’s End

Despite the fact that I have one more semester of undergraduate college left, I can say with certainty now that I am done. I am done with the long prologue that precludes my medical education and ultimate career. Gone are the days of dabbling between courses and internships hoping to be a strong candidate to enter the privileged field of medicine– I am a medical student now! Having expressed my anxiousness to receive a final word about my fate in … Continue reading