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Disparate Strides

Aside from my current situation, life has been moving along. As I wait for things to pick back up, I find myself following a rudimentary schedule within my apartment complex consisting of personal projects and occasional diversions to the mall, along with its surrounding shops across the street. The routine itself is not particularly productive, but it helps me keep my sanity and social bearings; I actively try to avoid the tailspin that people in situations similar to my own … Continue reading

~Memorable Days

A few months ago, I reached an important point in my life and went off to college, living with complete strangers. I am sorry for taking so long to update, but as promised, I am here with my thoughts about college life. Some insightful friends of mine mentioned that the quality of people’s lives depends on their perception of how they are living. In all honesty, I hear idioms stating such things all the time. Thus, while thankful for their … Continue reading

Senior Year

I never participated in any of the events that were uniquely “senior” throughout the entire year. If one knows me, he is aware that I rarely do things without purpose, especially if the amount of effort required is more than the amount of satisfaction to be gained by doing the task. It’s not laziness its just well, doing things efficiently in my mind. Nonetheless, despite not even going to the graduation ceremony, I enjoyed my senior year, which turned out … Continue reading