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Thanks, Egg Man

During my second semester of nursing school, I was enrolled in a gerontology course in which I had the opportunity to spend time with senior citizens afflicted with dementia. During one of my assignments, I visited the sprawling grounds of a nearby Catholic school to attend a monthly social event for such individuals so that they could have a fresh face to converse with. I truly enjoyed it – after all, I consider myself a fairly sociable person and have … Continue reading

An Unknown Variable

Now here is a subject that you would not really expect to see on this site… I admit it may seem a little out of the blue too. Don’t get me wrong though– This post has nothing to do with real life events. Well… Maybe a little, but probably not in the way you might think! See, I am a science student who just finished freshman year of college. I am definitely passionate about what I do, and I also … Continue reading