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Vocaloid: Virtual Entertainers

You know, I’m a little strange in the way that I don’t like to reveal the things I like. I mean, I’d be into something (say a television series or character) but would not talk about it or even not wish to discuss it; Instead, my actions would give away my fondness for the character/concept. For example, I would claim not to like something, but then I would turn around and draw it or otherwise express my fondness of the … Continue reading

If it’s Digital, is it Not Really Mine?

Alright, so here’s something that is becoming increasingly annoying to me- digital software regulation. Perhaps you have heard og things such as Digital Rights Management or Digital Distribution. In this day in age, many companies are utilizing new technologies to better market their products. However, many companies are also using the new digital system to tighten their grip on consumer products even after they have sold it. My first issue is the Digital Rights Management system, or DRM. It used … Continue reading