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Master and Apprentice

A long time ago, when this blog had a different name and I hadn’t even graduated high school yet, I detailed in one of my first posts the wonder I felt as I looked back to consider how my maturation online had been shaped by the numerous faceless role models with whom I had crossed paths across the eternal sea of Internet communities. It was truly a transcendence of human interaction; although I would go on to never meet them, … Continue reading

What I Had to Eat

Ask any nurse and they would swear that patients are simply different when a full moon is out. For whatever reason, patients who were previously improving suddenly start to find themselves getting sicker and, in the case of those already struggling against their maladies, vital signs abruptly plummet. It is during such days when one can see most of the nursing staff stay well past the end of their shifts as they frantically finish charting the relentless onslaught of tasks … Continue reading

Irreplaceable Moments

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about my experiences in starting the graduate nursing residency program at my place of hire, yet now I stand nearing the end of my training period; with my hospital orientation on track for me working on my own around Thanksgiving of this year, I’m being worked to the bone with some of the most complex cases that they can muster. The idea of being independent is thrilling, if not a little scary. … Continue reading