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Something Eternal

It is astounding to think about just how large of an impact MMOs have had on my life. Or rather, perhaps it is more staggering to think about just how completely the online world has become intertwined with my daily life as a result of playing such games. As I have stated numerous times on this blog, I feel that I have led very rich lives in MMOs– so much so that these lives have granted me long-term friends both … Continue reading

The Evolution of Ragnarok

2006. Roughly seven years ago, I started my adventure. With an outdated laptop and poor Internet connection, Ragnarok Online was my first real MMORPG. At a time where chat rooms and MSN Messenger was new to me, I had no idea what the world of MMOs held for me as I created a character on one of the most recognized games among online gamers. Truth be told, I was three years late to the party and the land of Rune Midgard … Continue reading

Better Raise Some of My Class Skills

So here’s a topic I haven’t really touched in a while: MMOs. What? That’s all I talk about? Nonsense! I simply don’t tend to post other things on here! As a busy student, I really do not have time to dedicate to MMOs anymore. Lately, I have just been focusing on time-killer games on the PSP or elsewhere. A few days ago, my room mate asked me why I bother with MMOs. While they too were a gamer, they simply … Continue reading

Gaming Slump: A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

When I was younger, I used to see a bunch of commercials on t.v. advertising action figures and remote controlled cars. Nowadays, such toys seem to be a thing of the past as even the youngest of children are found playing video games. I consider myself a gamer… I think. Well, to be honest, upon observing my gaming habits I’m not so sure. I mean, I honestly can’t remember the last time I truly finished a game. During my middle … Continue reading