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Fleeting School Days

When I think back to middle school and recall the stories that some of my teachers would share about their college-days, I remember how hard they made it seem. Despite this, I would always get the sense that some of their fondest memories had taken place in college, and I can now say with experience that they were correct on both counts. Since freshman year, I have shared with you all my experiences and the memories that I have come … Continue reading

Legendary Bad Luck

*Inhales* It’s done! As you may know, I sacrificed my Summer vacation this year to focus on one of the most important hurdles of my academic career– the MCAT. The Medical College Admissions Test was my endgame this semester and I was determined to practically drop any leisure activities until the test date. That day was today. To put things in perspective, I live in Houston, Texas and stay up at the University of Texas at Dallas during the school … Continue reading