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To the Future of Dreams

I hope I am not the only one who recognizes the song from which I borrowed the title of this post… it is a nice song! At any rate, as with most songs that are meaningful to me, one would likely not understand why I like it so much without the understanding the context in which I first heard it. This song however comes from Mana Khemia as an opening to the school in which the game takes place– a … Continue reading

Taking A Break From School By … Doing Schoolwork

Oho! Well you certainly do not see me talking about a game every day. In fact, I’ll admit… Personally I’m not entirely sure what is so great about this game. Perhaps it is because I am a student (a study oriented one at that!), but something about Mana Khemia just captivates me. Sure it’s an old game and I am slow to pick it up, but truth be told it was actually sitting around for months before I actually played … Continue reading