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Back to Pavilion

Last I wrote, I was wrapping up my adventures in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and was fixing to move to Houston for nursing school. Having grown up there, the Houston area is my home. At the end of July, I finally returned to reclaim my bedroom that otherwise sat empty outside of the holiday season. It had been roughly six years since the time I left for UTD and it felt a little strange to me that I … Continue reading

Refit: Three Months Later

Two more months have passed since the last time I posted regarding the aftermath of my departure from medical school. I apologize if these update posts are not very engaging to read, but I also find it important for myself to document this progression. As I mentioned before, I try to keep my bearings so that I do not fall into the rut where I completely lose track of the all the time spent in this situation. For this reason, … Continue reading

The Trip Home

Ever since I came to college, holidays between semesters have had an extra charm added to them. I have fond memories of the road trips I have taken when traveling between Dallas and Houston on my time off. Combined with the lack of schoolwork on one’s head, the prospect of saying a temporary goodbye to the friends you live with, and the fact that you will get to see your family again, such trips are just as memorable as the … Continue reading

Family Life

You know, this post is actually a quite difficult post for me to write. Not because the topic is a difficult one or something, but because I always internally debate whether or not to write it. Things happen… This is life. As much as I tend to believe/pretend otherwise, I’m still human too. This is why when sometimes I am in a bad mood in regards to the rest of my family, or because of reminiscing too long on my … Continue reading