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Grade Possibilities 2.0 Is Out!

While attending college in 2012, I wrote an Android app on my free time to determine the lowest grade I could make on every assignment while still maintaining my target average. Accordingly, the app’s creation strangely embodied the college spirit in the way that the majority of its code was typed up in the middle of various biology lectures rather than at home. Nevertheless, the end result was a useful tool that let students distribute their workload (or stress) efficiently … Continue reading

Grade Possibilities!

When I started college, one of the first things I noticed was the weight of each assignment in the classroom. Not having homework was great, but it also took away some “padding” from my final grade– in college, if I messed up one assignment, it would often be enough to drop my grade to a “B” (though I still would not ever go back to the days of highschool if given a chance). Last year, I decided to code a … Continue reading