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You Cannot Imagine What Awaits You

During my Senior Year in high school, my English teacher gave our class an assignment to write a letter to ourselves to be received four years into the future. It was a tradition for her; four years after high school graduation, she would faithfully place our self-addressed letters in the mail so that we would be able to look back on our past selves. Truth be told, I sort of waved the assignment off initially. The letter would not be … Continue reading

My Setpoint of Happiness

Since my last post, I have finished up my Fall 2011 semester and have come home to visit my parents for the holidays. I once again must apologize for such a post since it is not often that I actually talk about personal problems, but like the last time I felt compelled to write such a post, the act of doing so helped my mind sort out a few things. Of course, such posts remain on the site because my … Continue reading

Home Again

So it’s finally over… A semester of college gone in an instant. At last, I am finally back at home in a comfortable room, a soft bed, and a clean house that still has that newly constructed smell. Still though, at the same time I feel… away from home. As I fall back into routine at my own house, I cannot help but think about my apartment back in Dallas, and the friends I met there. So yesterday was the … Continue reading