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Kyrie, Eleison

I’m a little embarrassed that the first post of 2011 goes live in the middle of Spring… It just goes to show how busy I am. Did I mention I’m taking my MCAT this year? (Stop making excuses!) *Bows* I apologize– rest assured, I have no intention of letting this blog gather dust. It’s almost as if school goes out of session here on Kept After Class when school is in session in real life! It is however eerily fitting … Continue reading

La Mort de l’empathie

There are a number of reasons a person would brand an anime, or any television show in general, as a good show. If you know me, I tend to value shows that teach important lessons about life and society, even if they don’t mean to. As of late, I have been focusing on a long-time running series called Detective Conan. This show first aired in Japan in 1996 and has been airing since, due to its loyal fan base. (500+ … Continue reading