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Creating My Espurr Cosplay

A couple months ago, I decided to cosplay for the first time by attending the Dallas A-Kon anime convention as the Pokémon Espurr. It was a decision made completely on impulse, for the idea came about at a point when I had an eternity of free time. See, I had unexpectedly found myself without schooling and without employment in the Fall of 2014. In an effort to retain my sanity and keep track of the passing days, I began creating … Continue reading

Dallas A-Kon 26: Did That Really Happen?

Three years ago, I attended A-Kon 23 with my friends as college was ending. It was my very first convention of any sort and I had a lot of fun in the atmosphere, especially considering that one of my online friends decided to fly in as well. We all had a lot of fun, and I was left feeling that it would be difficult to top such an experience. Indeed, when I later unexpectedly found myself with free time, I … Continue reading

It All Comes Down To Expression

Something that constantly piques my interest is the variety of art styles that emerge in anime and how crucial the way the characters are drawn is to portraying their personalities. As technology enables producers to develop more and more realistic media to express their creations, I sometimes find myself feeling that  I am looking at a different character, instead of the one I know. Live action adaptations for anime are known to be… Pretty bad. Don’t get me wrong, some live … Continue reading