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Dallas A-Kon 26: Did That Really Happen?

Three years ago, I attended A-Kon 23 with my friends as college was ending. It was my very first convention of any sort and I had a lot of fun in the atmosphere, especially considering that one of my online friends decided to fly in as well. We all had a lot of fun, and I was left feeling that it would be difficult to top such an experience. Indeed, when I later unexpectedly found myself with free time, I … Continue reading

Get a Life!

Now that I have been accepted into nursing school, my time is no longer spent trying to research the multitude of requirements that the NursingCAS application service demands of its prospective students. For some ludicrous reason, the programs starting in the Spring (which I thought I would have to apply to since there were only two programs in the Fall) require a separate, more meticulous application (including an entirely separate admissions test) than the ones in the Fall. With some … Continue reading

Disparate Strides

Aside from my current situation, life has been moving along. As I wait for things to pick back up, I find myself following a rudimentary schedule within my apartment complex consisting of personal projects and occasional diversions to the mall, along with its surrounding shops across the street. The routine itself is not particularly productive, but it helps me keep my sanity and social bearings; I actively try to avoid the tailspin that people in situations similar to my own … Continue reading

Dropping the Mask

It has been about a month since my experience at A-Kon 23, and while it has faded somewhat by now (as my other obligations arrive to command my attention), the memory lay burned in my memory weeks after the event. Perhaps such a thing is not strange to some, but catching myself thinking about June 1-3 in vivid recollections was a mode of day-dreaming that not even visiting family for the holidays would provoke. I simply was not the type … Continue reading

Dallas A-Kon 23: A Vacation at Home

Last year my room mate went to Dallas A-Kon 22, the annual anime convention in the Dallas area. While I was unable to attend then, I had been looking forward to going this year for a long time as I knew that I would have time this Summer. While my room mate made the convention look appealing from all the photographs taken, to be honest, I was a little scared. I was not worried about staying out late at downtown … Continue reading