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A New School

It’s finally done! Alright, perhaps our new layout is not 100% finished, but it is certainly complete enough to air so that I may start collecting feedback– when making this new theme, I had to do a couple things differently in my programming sandbox than I would on this server so finally putting it into use will give me a better idea about what needs work. First off, how do you like the new layout? I got sick of modifying … Continue reading

Project Evangeline

Update: Check out the changelog here! As the intensity of my workload increases as I prepare to engage in more challenging courses, I find less time to commit myself to a game. However, as one probably knows, it is quite difficult to just get up and walk away with the friends one plays with so instead, I find myself hanging around IRC more to chat with them. Of course, since many times the members tend to idle more in the … Continue reading