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Self Destruction

At this point, roughly six months have passed since the last time I posted about medical school… for a number of reasons that will hopefully come to light over the course of this entry. Six months– it is a time span that feels trivial while caught in the rigors of schoolwork, yet proves to be enough time to turn one’s life hard to starboard and send them completely off course. While it is one thing to be knocked into an … Continue reading

The Cakes That Weren’t Lies

I really need to count the posts that I begin by saying “wow, it’s been a while since my last post, huh?” Oh well… at least I didn’t start this post with that line. As you might have guessed, I have once again become busy due to school. Last year, you guys followed me from the start of my first year in college to the end, where I would often marvel at the plethora of new experiences I would face. … Continue reading