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Adrift Between Signposts

I have been pretty content lately as my life goes on. I recently earned my Bachelors of Science, straightened out everything to start medical school in the Fall, and moved out of my apartment in Dallas to spend the Summer at my parents’ house in Houston. For the past few years, most of my summers have been at least partially “busy”– either due to studying for entrance exams or taking classes to stay ahead; it’s kind of nice to have … Continue reading

…And Suddenly, It’s Over

It is the end of the beginning, until next time that is. Since last Fall, many of you guys have been following my adventures (or perhaps lack of) during my first year of college. Based by seeing the titles of a few of my posts alone, one could easily see that this school year has been a real eye-opener for me– A brand new experience. I’ll refrain from rambling about the things I normally do when discussing my new school … Continue reading