Vocaloid: Virtual Entertainers

You know, I’m a little strange in the way that I don’t like to reveal the things I like. I mean, I’d be into something (say a television series or character) but would not talk about it or even not wish to discuss it; Instead, my actions would give away my fondness for the character/concept. For example, I would claim not to like something, but then I would turn around and draw it or otherwise express my fondness of the … Continue reading

Those First Few, Hectic Days.

((I apologize for the low image quality! As some have heard, my camera broke before move-in so I had to use my cellphone. As you can see, I had not properly configured my phone-camera yet.)) Day 1: Move-In So I had to wake up early at about 5:00 AM to get ready to drive to Dallas. The drive in itself was pretty smooth… I mean nothing huge happened. (Driving for 5 hours was pretty boring though). To top that off, … Continue reading

~Heartful Days

I always liked anime. I mean, the character design was different and their Saturday morning shows were always interesting. The unique drawing style was nice but I just never got into the whole anime culture, you know? After leaving a project online, I got used to the company of a group of friends I had made there. (I’m still not entirely sure how it happened.) Nevertheless, these were great people, but they would always discuss some random anime/manga/game that I … Continue reading

EuphRO2: A Closed Milestone

It’s a tad overdue, but I feel it’s my personal responsibility due to my involvement to post a formal closure as someone has neglected to do so. To The Players of EuphRO2: Perhaps you have never heard of me, or perhaps you have heard of me but never met me. In that case, welcome! I am [GM] Chii, former head-GM of EuphRO2. I was on the EuphRO2 team since the birth of the server and have silently watched over it … Continue reading

If it’s Digital, is it Not Really Mine?

Alright, so here’s something that is becoming increasingly annoying to me- digital software regulation. Perhaps you have heard og things such as Digital Rights Management or Digital Distribution. In this day in age, many companies are utilizing new technologies to better market their products. However, many companies are also using the new digital system to tighten their grip on consumer products even after they have sold it. My first issue is the Digital Rights Management system, or DRM. It used … Continue reading

Senior Year

I never participated in any of the events that were uniquely “senior” throughout the entire year. If one knows me, he is aware that I rarely do things without purpose, especially if the amount of effort required is more than the amount of satisfaction to be gained by doing the task. It’s not laziness its just well, doing things efficiently in my mind. Nonetheless, despite not even going to the graduation ceremony, I enjoyed my senior year, which turned out … Continue reading

Gaming Slump: A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

When I was younger, I used to see a bunch of commercials on t.v. advertising action figures and remote controlled cars. Nowadays, such toys seem to be a thing of the past as even the youngest of children are found playing video games. I consider myself a gamer… I think. Well, to be honest, upon observing my gaming habits I’m not so sure. I mean, I honestly can’t remember the last time I truly finished a game. During my middle … Continue reading

Walking Across Familiar Ground

So as some people have noticed, lately I’ve hovered around a bit over at EuphRO2 again. It’s been a year… maybe more… since my last experiences with the server. Upon visiting as a normal player however, I have to say that a lot has changed. Or perhaps I should say there is a lack of change? The server itself has had only two new NPCs and no updates since my departure. The change I am referring to however is within … Continue reading

Indeed, We’re All Trekkies Now

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10905.9 *Cough* I mean… Oh my, where to begin? Haha, I can imagine that the ones who know me well aren’t surprised one bit to see an article on the eleventh Star Trek movie here. Indeed, it’s no secret that I’m a Star Trek fan- To be more precise, the franchise is one of the few things that can get me really worked up! So naturally, I’ve been following the development of Star Trek XI closely, and … Continue reading

Come on, Gravity!

It’s been a while now since Ragnarok Online 2 was announced by Gravity. Can you still remember the excitement when a sequel to our beloved Ragnarok Online was announced? I mean, it hardly seems possible now doesn’t it? Believe it or not, Ragnarok Online 2 was once quite hyped up. Thoughts of seeing a 3D Prontera or Comodo along with the fact that Gravity hired Yoko Kanno to sing for some of the songs really attracted players… initially that is. … Continue reading

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