Instructional Reading:

  • Talking Pets in Mabinogi, by Chii – “…Instead of translating some of the pets’ speech, Mabinogi NA’s localization team decided to replace these strings with a series of generic “…” messages. Now, I found it annoying to constantly see my pet going “…” so I decided to give it a bit more personality. You can mod the client in order to specify what the pet should say, and in what situations. All you need to do is alter the pet’s default AI by inputting specially placed commands to talk. Too much work? I agree…”

Reference Material:

  • Yula IRC Bot Changelog, by Nightmaren – “…I soon began to introduce a series of IRC bots to help provide entertainment for the channel since it would become quiet at times. As I became more ambitious in coding functions, I began to move from mIRC scripts to Java to C# in order to program increasingly more powerful bots. . . . To better help my friends and I track the progress of Yula, I have created this page. Please feel free to add suggestions in the comments…”
  • RPGlib Changelog, by Nightmaren – “…I am quite happy with the solution I ultimately came up with — instead of rewriting the code to be Discord-specific, I ended up converting the RPG system into an external library that can be implemented by the means of a wrapper that passes relevant protocol events to the library . . . “RPGlib” is now its own separate project and can be used by Yula, Fiona, or any other chat-based bot in the future…”

Archived Collections:

  • Twilight Nekos Memories, by Ultimate Sonic – “One thing I really need to work on is to take pictures more often. However, I would like to preserve the few pictures that I actually have saved… before they disappear for good. To compile the following collection, I visited the old guild forum and scavenged through backups to salvage everything I could…”
  • EuphRO2 Memories, by Chii – “…These pictures should be especially interesting down the line as Ragnarok Online 2 honestly seems like a canned project. Hmm! …I wonder if I’ll ever run into some of these guys again in other MMO’s. Who knows… maybe [GM] Chii will be seen again one day!”
  • [GM] Chii Gift Art, by Chii – “…When I used to work as GM at EuphRO2 I got a few gifts from the players. As I promised back then, I would treasure their presents and keep them forever. They have survived through a few hard drive failures and more… and now is the time to finally upload them in one place for people to enjoy as well~. Once again… Thank you! “

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