It would be pretty troublesome if there was no place to showcase the budding talents found within the student body. For pep rallies, presentations, school plays, and more, activity at the school Auditorium always means a great time. Depending on the school session, the authors of Kept After Class sometimes rent the auditorium to broadcast whatever their readers may find interesting. Of course, it becomes difficult during the Spring and Fall where other students volley for its usage, but during the Summer, the Auditorium is pretty much there for the authors’ taking.

Of course, normal student-code rules apply in the Auditorium as well– Please treat others in a courteous manner and do not cause a scene. Though there is no set schedule for performances (it’s an after-school activity after all), other students may request certain things for broadcast. Since this is a school setting, the broadcast and student behavior will be capped at a PG-13 level and no more.

> Enter The Auditorium <

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