I’d Like One Free Spring Break Please

Spring break! It's like obtaining a glimpse of Summer Vacation... A friendly reminder to hang in there!

So you guys know that I am a first year year college student– Meaning that I am fairly new to this lifestyle. Back in high school and middle school, it would always be the same thing: Wake up at 6:20 AM and arrive in class before the first bell would ring at 7:30 AM. It’s [shockingly!] a tad different in college… Everyone I know has a screwed up sleeping schedule one way or another. Of course when I see these people, I think to myself, “Such a thing could never happen to me! How could I possibly mess up my sleeping habits?” By going on Spring Break early, that’s how.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t become a lazy student or anything. I guess you can say that I have been giving myself a taste of what is to come during Spring Break. This usually consists of me staying up a little late to spend a few minutes on a game or to play with a scrap of code. Yesterday, (and the last few days actually) I spend a little more time than a “few minutes.” I have been staying up to about 1 or 2 AM actually just messing around. My half-sleepy mind would think, “It’s okay! I’ve done all my homework so I can enjoy for a few hours~.” My awake mind would want to smack my half-sleepy mind in the mornings.

So last night was not much different… Consistent with the past few days, I had a bit of difficulty sleeping. Maybe it is because my brain is still semi-consciously doing whatever I was doing before going to sleep. I set my alarm for 6:45 AM simply because I want to get up early, because I know that once I get up and running, the sleepiness goes away.

Also on par with the last few days, I wake up approximately thirty minutes before my class starts. My body seems to “know” the absolute latest it can sleep till– Whether I have a 9:30 or 11:30 class in the morning, it always squeezes the last bit of sleep out of me, causing me to miss breakfast and head directly to class after showering. This practice does not bode well with me; I hate having to start the day without breakfast. Since today was no different, I wanted to break this trend by running to the dining hall and grabbing a glass of soy milk before heading to Chemistry Lecture.

Today was a rather gloomy morning. As I ran through the campus, wanting to not be too late to my class, I felt that it was rather clammy outside. There was no sunshine to be found either… the sky was just an off-white with a thin layer of fog obscuring it. The weather needs to seriously make up its mind in Dallas; it was completely sunny outside yesterday. The campus itself seemed sleepy as well– there was barely anyone to be seen. At this point, I began to wonder if my class started at 9:00 AM rather than 9:30 AM. Though it was a few minutes past 9:30, I would have still seen a few people such as myself who were struggling to reach the lecture hall in time. I never was good at times. As I saw a girl coming out of the dining hall, I breathed a sigh of relief; it was just one of those days where the whole campus moves at a sluggish pace.

As I reached the dining hall, people seemed to be fairly quiet as well. It’s pretty amazing how much the weather can affect people. As I quickly downed a glass of milk in front of the pantry, I glanced at my watch to make sure that I was [fairly] on schedule. It was only five minutes past 9:30… Pretty good! I mentally set a goal for myself to arrive at Hoblitzelle Hall before 9:40 AM. As I broke out into a brisk jog, (which was annoying since I had a backpack on) I let my mind wander a bit (which always produces interesting results). Perhaps it was due to the fact that my body thought I would run out of energy, but my mind invoked flashbacks of Professor Quirrell running into the Hogwarts dining hall exclaiming “Troll in the dungeons!” shortly before collapsing. Maybe that’s why I began to walk (albeit speedily) to class instead.

As I approached the classroom doors, I panted for a moment and figured I would slowly open the doors so as not to look like yet another fool arriving late to class. This did not happen for one reason or another. I guess my body just wanted to get into the room as soon as possible. As I felt the whoosh of airs from the doors, I turned my attention to the front of the room … which was completely empty. It was pretty dramatic actually, with the gentle hum of electrical equipment interrupting the dead silence of the room… I had imagined frantic music playing as I hurried to class.

Being one who is good in impromptu and emergency situations, a number of explanations ran through my head. Was there a campus-wide intruder alert? Was  class cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances? Was class actually supposed to end at 9:50 AM and I somehow took too long? Upon doing this, I looked at my watch and actually took the time to read the entire time.

7:38 AM.

At this point, everything fell into place. The reason I had not noticed earlier was because I am so used to just looking at the minutes section of my digital watch. As for getting out of bed at all? I suspected that in my sleep, I set it two hours ahead on accident.

After grabbing a proper breakfast and obtaining a puzzled look from the staff member who lets students in, I headed back home. Sure enough, my alarm clock was two hours ahead. I’m a bit confused how I could have possibly done this in my sleep though. See, my clock is one of those clocks which automatically sync their times from somewhere, only requiring the user to set the tiny switch at the bottom of the clock to the appropriate timezone.

Once I'm awake, I can power through the... whole... day...yy...Zzzzz...

I wonder how I succeeded in flipping this switch to Atlantic Standard Time… I must have been completely strangling the thing. The fact that I keep my bedroom locked rules out the possibility of someone else doing it for me too.

Oh well. I guess this will eventually be filed under “college memories” but it was a rather strange way to start the day. I sometimes read about pranks or mistakes causing people to go to school on Saturday or something, but never have I done anything like that. I think I’ll blame this one on Spring Break not coming quickly enough! Ah well, school only persists until this Friday. After that, I will have a wonderful week of no classes which I’m sure will cause me to forgive Mr. Spring Break.

Well, I’d stay and chat more, but I should go to class. It’s a rather nice sunny day today, and I wouldn’t want to be late!

Still quiet here.sas

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