A Winter Spent With Friends

The last time I posted anything here was when I came home from college during winter break. You know how it is when school starts again– Back to the grind. It’s been busy, but I have been meaning to post some of my recent experiences here though. I’m sure many of you know by now that the college life has really been a new experience for me. Accordingly, I am sure that this winter will be something I won’t forget.

When winter holiday was finally over, my friend Charlie and I drove back up together to Dallas. We were each busy with our own families over the break so we had not talked much, so it was a nice opportunity to catch up during the long car ride. The ride went significantly faster this time around, even after stopping at Subway (because we did not want to think about Dining Hall food after having Home-made food for weeks). When we finally did reach the campus, it was still surprisingly empty. We had arrived the Friday before school started so we figured that most people would come back during the weekend. After helping Charlie take his stuff to his apartment (he’s my neighbor after all) and tipping him $10 (since his service was free, that’s like a billion percent tip!), I went straight to my bedroom and fell asleep on my bed.

I had been the first in my apartment to arrive home, so it still was a few days until the rest of my room mates came home. In the mean time, I met some of my other friends and enjoyed talking to them after a while (everyone seemed to be in good spirits).

Our apartment complex covered in snow

Life quickly seemed like it would resume as it left off when we went to Charlie’s apartment to play video games. Eventually, my most favored room mate came home (lazily, on the last possible day with no buffer days between school) but I was still happy to see them. First thing I did next morning was to go in to their room and give them a hug– We had just become that close over the last semester.

I was also surprised to find out that my friend Linh had brought Christmas presents for everyone~! Perhaps some of us were expecting it because she was doing Christmas shopping, but I know I certainly was not expecting her to buy me a present too. I know that it was an exciting experience for me, since I had never had such a Christmas with such good friends. After a few false starts (due to not everyone being there), the day for opening presents finally arrived. Prior to this, our presents had been sitting under the “tree” in Charlie’s apartment (meaning next to the couch). I was impressed with the amount of things Linh bought for all of us: A Nerf pistol set for all of us (effectively starting a war between us), A gift card for Charlie’s room mate, A K’Nex building set for Charlie (he is an engineer), A DeviantArt laptop bag plus a yo-yo for my room mate, A Blair cell phone swing for me (One of my favorite characters from Soul Eater), A surge protector (since my computer was previously damaged in an electrical storm), and a K-On mouse pad featuring Yui + Azunyan.

If you knew us, you would see that Linh pretty much pegged our interests/needs with her presents. It really did resemble the classic “Christmas Day” scene that you would see on TV with the kids tearing off the wrapping paper on their presents and playing with their toys right away. It really made my day. I’m a bit disappointed Linh caught me off guard however since I did not have anything to give her.

The field behind the Residence Hall looked like a primary school courtyard with everyone playing in the snow

I’ll have to put a lot of thought into next year’s present~

Speaking of presents, Rimu-chan (from the IRC channel I frequent) gifted me Counter Strike: Source as a present too. I have known the people in my channel for a while now and I was happy that Rimu considered me a good enough friend to get me something (and remember me during my periods of absences from the channel). Accordingly, I had sent some of my closer friends from the channel Holiday wishes.

Since then, life went on as normal as far as school work and studies went. Yesterday however, I woke up and saw inches of snow sitting on the ground. This is most unusual for Dallas as it never snows that much. But yesterday, it snowed all day causing classes to be cancelled after 3:00 PM. Texas rarely ever sees snow, and for a lot of people the record-breaking snowfall was a very pleasant surprise. The campus looked really beautiful and many people were building snowmen and taking pictures. One wouldn’t really be able to tell, but I was happy about the snowfall too.

I declined however when it came to playing in the snow. Or rather I tried, but didn’t really get into it and ended up feeling out of place. I must say that this genuinely annoyed me that I did not feel the same as everyone else but I simply could not help it. I did however realize that the weather would be nice for playing more intensive MMOs on my computer as it would help in preventing my computer from over heating. I spent most of the day doing this, sleeping, and working on homework. Thus, you can imagine my annoyance when I found out school was cancelled today (a Friday). While I was grateful for the unexpected long weekend, a disruption in my school routine really bothers me (I’m not exactly sure why). That, and the fact that I spent a good deal of time working on something that would have been due today, only to find that it is now due next week.

Though I suppose I really should forget about all that and actually play in the snow like a normal person. I’m not sure what it was that prevented me from doing so. Maybe it was the fact that there were so many people outside (which tends to make me feel uncomfortable) or the feeling that I was not having “fun” like everyone else (which really did bother me).

A park area around Jonsson and Green Halls looked beautiful during the night time

While I am fairly used to this routine whenever people play outside in general, (I feel out of place and awkward despite my best efforts) I guess it annoyed me that I was not able to enjoy something like school-cancelling snowfall in Dallas to its full extent.

I will say that it was rather peaceful watching the snow from my window while playing Final Fantasy VII. Maybe my friends felt something was up… I’m not sure. I know I tend to  underestimate the amount my friends can “read” me at times. At any rate, my friend asked me to go outside and take pictures with her around 10:00 PM. I was a little surprised (why?) and almost declined the offer. I reconsidered however and agreed… I like how the Earth appears during the night time anyways. We ended up walking around in the snow for a bit and met up with Charlie and Cameron’s friends building Kamina (from Gurren Lagann) out of the snow. (It looked pretty good too). After lingering for a bit, we walked towards the park area near the lecture halls and took pictures of the snow covered trees against the night sky. The campus really did look like a “winter wonderland” covered in snow.

It was also nice to see the campus guards patrolling the area. They warned us to stay out from under trees since some of the branches were breaking due to the snow’s weight. After sticking around a few more minutes, we went home to appreciate the usefulness of portable heaters. Say what you will, but I had fun.

In all, I really think that this winter season will be one that I will remember for a long time. For me, winter usually means staying inside and doing stuff, rather than spending time with friends. This year was different, and a nice change in some ways.


  1. AndyzeePuhi~
    Transfer Student
    Class 3-C
    Valid from: 02/14/2010 at 7:14 pm

    Haiiii chiiii!!! snoww! take me thar sometimes and i'll take you to zee beach! with the giri ! and we'll have a bonfire! wooohoo!! :D anywayss be warmmm! and make snow mann or cream people with snow balls! xD welpp talk to you on zeemsn or zeeirc xD :P

    from zee piggah bank andarr


  2. Club Participant
    Class 4-A
    Seat no. 4
    Valid from: 02/12/2010 at 8:25 pm

    I'm glad you guys like your presents.

    I've said it before, and I know you know this fact well, but spending time with y'all and seeing everyone happy is enough for me.

    And taking pictures last night was fun, amirite? If taking pictures weren't fun, I hope I made up for it by falling so many times. I mean, really, the one who's falling constantly shouldn't be the one who is most amused whenever she does fall.

    I also apologize if I inadvertently ignored/excluded you whenever I began having a snowball fight with Huy and James. Even though you threw a snowball at me, I didn't want to throw one back because your clothes (your jacket in particular) did not seem as well suited for snow as the rest of ours. As you stated in your blog, it was, indeed, somewhat difficult to tell whether or not the Nightmaren was happy about the snow. Especially in comparison to my own behavior; seeing snow was probably the equivalent of giving me large amounts of sugar or caffeine.

    I hope I took enough picturesss.
    And I'm curious as to exactly how your dad will react to seeing some of them, haha.


  3. Yon
    Transfer Student
    Class 2-D
    Valid from: 02/12/2010 at 3:39 pm

    Oooh, you’re amazingly lucky! I wish I had such caring friends x3 It’s really great! :D
    Aaaaand… I do understand when you say you’re feeling like an alien outside, it’s pretty much the same here xD I’m like, “why would I waste time here, that’s just snow and I have other things to do ” and “how annoying, it’s so cold and it really makes it slower to go to libraries” xD . I doubt that’s the best way to behave though, but I’m like that :P . One major difference though : when it’s snowing, I start daydreaming a lot, because of that song I listen to a lot (especially when it’s snowing) : http://www.pp2g.tv/vYnt-ZXM_.aspx (yeah, I’m such a hopeless romantic guy T_T ) (I don’t like much the clip though, it’s a bit girl-ish… but I love the music, really x3 )


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