Home Again

It's always great to be home

So it’s finally over… A semester of college gone in an instant. At last, I am finally back at home in a comfortable room, a soft bed, and a clean house that still has that newly constructed smell. Still though, at the same time I feel… away from home. As I fall back into routine at my own house, I cannot help but think about my apartment back in Dallas, and the friends I met there.

So yesterday was the first “official” day of Winter Holiday. People had been leaving earlier when their exams would finish, but I had the misfortune of having exams until the very last school day. My neighbor and I had planned on going home together since we live within 25~ish minutes of each other, and he was nice enough to wait for me to finish my exams. At the same time, another one of my friends would be joining us because the person who would have dropped her before was unable to do so. The plan was for us to drive to Brenham to drop her off, then all the way to the Houston area to drop me off in Sugar Land and for my neighbor to return to Houston. When we planned the trip a few nights before, Google Maps said that it would be about a six hour drive to Houston, not taking going to Brenham into account. Obviously, we were in for a long ride.

Yesterday morning seemed to be the day of departure for most of my friends. The campus was already beginning to feel empty as students began to go home to their families. It was an odd feeling… as I began to leave to meet up with my neighbor in the morning, I decided to stop by at my room mate’s bedroom, just to say my goodbyes. We both talked a bit about the semester flying by and just kinda took in the moment– It was pretty sad to see us packing and carrying our luggage. We both agreed that it was only temporary, and that it would be much worse in the Spring semester when we would go home for the Summer, but still… It really hit me how close we had become.

The car ride was long, as expected. We left at 8:00 AM and began to head to Brenham. My neighbor is a good driver so the car ride was enjoyable. My friend slept in the back for most of the time and I basically talked nonsense with my neighbor to pass the time. When we finally reached Brenham, we stopped at Jack-In-The-Box to get lunch since it had probably been three and a half hours then. They had some nice smoothies/milkshakes since Brenham is where the Blue Bell ice cream factory is so, of course, everything had “real” ice cream in it. When we finally dropped off my friend, we stopped at a gas station to refill, then finally headed off to Houston. I can’t say that it was a very eventful drive, but it certainly was nice to see the familiar Houston area again.

I… don’t know, it’s strange. When I came to college, I was planning on only regarding my room mates and such as people I would be seeing often because they would be in the same dwelling as me. I suppose that was an uneducated mindset. Now that I have actually lived with people I do not know, I have really grown close to them, as I’m sure they have too. I’ve never really allowed anyone to get to know me very well before this. I mean, I’ve had friends but hmm… This just is different to me. I guess it’s different when you live your everyday life with people.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very happy to have met you guys and I will be glad to meet you again! I definitely had a good first semester and I hope that I will have a great time moving forward as well.



  1. Yon
    Transfer Student
    Class 2-D
    Valid from: 01/10/2010 at 1:50 am

    Sooo much change can happen in 6 months!
    I'm happy things are going so well with you ^_^ I hope it'll be as great for the times to come! Some other friends told me about living with friends, and I must say they all have a pretty nice experience of it ^_^ .

    And damn, you're so lucky to have a cleaning fairy ;_; I want one here too! Or maybe she'll drop by here to do some cleaning as well *puppy face* ? (should I put a screenie of my room here? xD )


  2. Napping Ninja
    Transfer Student
    Class 3-B

    Wuhh, did I sleep that much?

    I was definitely awake enough to hear you shake your PSP and say something like "That's where the prinnies come out," or something related, and our friendly driver, awesome and blunt as he is, was like, "Oh shit!"

    And then you played PSP for a while. I was awake for that, I swear! D;

    Nnn, nnn. I should update my own blog. There certainly is plenty of time for me to type one up.

    Whoo, whoo! Mooching internets from Starbucks. I'm definitely not going inside often for the remainder of the holidays. Methinks the intense coffee bean aroma is giving me a headache. >.>


  3. Draco
    Transfer Student
    Class 2-D

    yeah once you live with people long enough, and you get along with them, you tend to become accustomed to having them around, and pretty much, their absence leaves a hole that needs to be filled in.

    at least you'll see your roomie when winter break's over so you should look forward to that ^^


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