A Skewed Sense of Time

As many have probably noticed by now, I spend a large amount of time reminiscing about the past and what I would refer to as the “Good old days.” Since the dawn of the Internet, it was provided us with many new opportunities. People like me are able to do things never before possible and truly interact with people online and get things accomplished. As someone who enjoys to routinely perform a self analysis, I have noted that as a side effect from all of this, I have developed an extremely skewed sense of time.

I wonder, is this simply a case of fascination of the abomination? (As Joseph Conrad so aptly depicts in his work, Heart of Darkness.) Quite honestly stories and history lessons about what happened in the past do not interest me. As a teenager, I hear about stories from older people all the time about their version of the “Old days” or the “Good old days.” However, speaking quite candidly I might add, I must say that most of their stories downright bore me… quite frankly, I could care less about the days when they would do this and that; I’d much rather be doing something else.

But if you delve deeper into their spirits, you can see that within the story they are telling, a living, breathing person lived. What this person is telling you is their memories and their emotion. Of course the air of feeling and the emotions, adrenaline, and passion being felt of the time is all lost in the conversion to words… one can only tell a story so accurately. The point is, this person was having the time of their life, and it is difficult for others to appreciate that time.

Now, I can’t help but wonder… will the same happen to me? Logic seems to point to yes but there are always surprises. I wonder… all my participation in Sonic the Hedgehog communities, my 2d project endeavors, my 3d modeling experiences, my time forum moderating, my contributions scripting, my historic mark on the Internet GMing, and all the wonderful times my guild and I shared during the peak of Ragnarok Online’s popularity… for naught? When I tell my stories, can I convey the sense of unity and thirst for adventure my guild and I had? Can I convey my awe at being the first Ragnarok Online 2 GM? Can I convey they joy I felt when I first entered a chat room at Nintendo.com? For what keeps memories alive is to not only harbor them in your heart, but also to share them. But exactly how much can be shared… and how much can be appreciated? For this the abomination that I might very well have a subconscious fascination with: Will the people I share my stories with not feel the same way as I did, listening to older peoples’ stories?

Indeed, such a thought for reasons I cannot explain has somehow caused me to become preoccupied with the past. Looking back, it everything seems to have taken place in the blink of an eye. As a result when I look toward the future, what fixates my attention is how different things will be then and the amount of significance my actions seem to have lost. I mean… I remember when no one had routers for their computers, and now 12 year olds play MMO games! Such preoccupations curiously draw my attention away from my present. Often times, the act of preparing to do things or looking back on doing things ends up being more enjoyable for me than doing it at all.

I don’t know, life is fascinating… perhaps this is why I want to be a doctor. All I can say is that life is an adventure. Whether or not anyone else will be able to picture it or imagine it as I do, I will continue to boldly go where my ambitions take me.



  1. Draco
    Transfer Student
    Class 2-D
    Valid from: 11/30/2008 at 1:52 pm

    I understand what you're trying to say Chii and I can pretty much say that I'm turning into one of those old people x3 Well for me, I tell others of my story to at least get them to know me more, to have em hear my experiences and hope that they get something out of it. Also when telling my stories, I also intend for people hearing it to see my mistakes so that they won't end up doing the same thing. I believe its the responsibility of those who are older to teach the younger people about their own life experiences. I would like to believe that we came before them to guide them into avoiding to commit the same mistakes, and to teach them about what fun things they could experience if they want to try out some things that we have done.


  2. Yon
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    Class 2-D
    Valid from: 11/28/2008 at 7:28 am

    Very interesting post. I guess i could put some ideas that came while i was reading. But it'll be a mess on the post i guess, since i don't wanna rearrange them.1) yeah, many people love to tell about their past lives.2) i think a very important point is also that you can't appreciate happiness when you're living it, you can only enjoy it and figure out you were happy when it belongs to past. However, that applies to most of people, but not to everyone.3) What's great in listening to other people is that you can get life experience this way, by learning through other's experience. 4) You can't say what you've done isn't great, it has to be considered with regards to what was happening while you were doing it.5) Words may not be able to convey every feeling, but some are very powerful and can convey strong feelings if employed correctly. Otherwise, you wouldn't feel anything while chatting on the internet.6) You can share something very well with someone who lived a similar experience. The loss would be tiny.Oh, i guess that's all. I think you've understood that i love listening to people :) .


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