A Look Back

I have quite a few draft posts sitting in my blogger… I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. However, I feel that the time to post something is when my feelings about the subject are at their apex… meaning that I don’t want to halfheartedly write something just to put out, I want it to tie in with my life and present a vivid topic for readers.

Naturally, when one has lots of things to do, one looks at the things that have passed. It truly isn’t until you are done with a project till you start to miss the whole experience. As an atypical internet user, this happens to me all the time.

It really is a small Internet.

When I first experienced the internet in 3rd grade, I thought that it was a huge void; The web-surfer against a sea of data and machines. No, I was wrong… well perhaps at that time my thoughts were accurate but things have dramatically changed. When I was 9 years old, there was no instant messaging. The only way to communicate your thoughts across the web was to make a web page and email. Fascinated by this technology, I learned basic HTML at the age of 9 and proceeded to make a Pokemon web page.

Some people use the internet and computers to play games. I use technology to create, to interact, to live an alternate parallel life that is only possible online.

And thus it truly began when I was 12 years old. At the time I loved Sonic The Hedgehog (I still do) and was excited at the newly debuting Sonic X anime in Japan. Following this news closely eventually led me to my first internet forum, a place where Sonic X subbers and speculators gathered. To fit in, I adopted a screen name, “Ultimate Sonic,” which would live on until year 2006. I enjoyed talking with the forum’s inhabitants, but more importantly, I was able to share their knowledge and ideas.

I began to draw Sonic soon after. The forum had given me all sorts of ideas… to make animations, musical remixes, comics, or full fledged games of my favorite video game hero. Drawn to a website called the Angel Island Shrine at the age of 13, I met my first internet superior. I became good friends with the owner KnucklesGirl, later known as Teknomiku and began to work at her forum as moderator. This was my first experience holding up internet “justice” if you will. As I learned more how to draw, I also gained valuable knowledge about troublemakers on the internet. One time I recall my boss mentioning something called “Ragnarok Online.” I wasn’t sure what that was and what an MMORPG was…

Unfortunately I was delayed checking this out. My summer was plagued by Dial-Up internet due to a move. During this time I experimented alot with DarkBasic and Multimedia Fusion, becoming slightly proficient in making basic platform games and 3D animation with MilkShape 3D.

At last, the fateful day came when I was able to boot up Ragnarok Online. I was in awe at the sheer amount of human players surrounding me! While playing on the EuphRO server, I made one friend named Shona. However, my experience was shortlived. EuphRO unfortunately collapses due to an arguement between the admins. Thus, I experienced the power of server admins, and the effects of mad server management.

However, I was drawn into the world of Ragnarok. I fled to a server known to accepting players of many dead servers, AnimaRO. Determined to play by my own style and make a bunch of friends, I decided on a goal: To form my own guild. I was hoping to make it after I transcended, but one day as I trained in the prisons with a friend called “D,” I decided to start early. D convinced me that the best time to be with friends is when you are grinding at high levels.

Now 14 years old, I don what would become my trademark Captain’s Hat to become Captain Ultimate Sonic, Leader of the Twilight Nekos! D was the first one in the guild, but I had to really recruit people. I went down to South Prontera to prepare to meet lots of players and set up a chat for recruiting. The exact words that I typed escapes me, but it said something along the lines of “Recruiting Friendly People!” I still remember the two players who joined first: Hediki, and SnowZ. Both stayed with the Twilight Nekos for a very long time. What can I say happened next? We grew; we were a close-knit happy guild. There were fun times, sad times, and plain old good times as the guild sat around the headquarters (or hatwaters due to someone’s horrible spelling) in Morroc Inn. Ultimate Sonic virtually set up his own government within the guild, including two of his close and most trusted members, senel64 and Mythos the Pirate, in the Chamber of Elites, the board that voted on major guild decisions.

Alas, AnimaRO was becoming plagued by hackers after the death of its server admin and its incompetant replacement. Fearing for the guild’s safety, Captain Ultimate Sonic called for an emergency evacuation to another server… a strangely familiar one by the name of… EuphRO. 90% Of the members moved over, the ones who didn’t had good reason. Loyalty within the Twilight Nekos was 100%. After prospering for 2 years however, the guild finally ended as most of its members got ready to enter college. The passion of the Twilight Nekos is gone, but continues to live on. Appropriately, though Ultimate Sonic’s Captain’s hat no longer rests on his head, it resides safely in the Kafra Storage, rather than being thrown away.

I am finally 16 years old and I hear of a sequel… Ragnarok Online 2? After the wonderous memories that Ragnarok Online 1 spurned, surely the sequel will provide twice as much good times!

At 17 years old now, I am focusing mostly on school. I’m not even an adult yet, but I feel like I have truly lived on the internet, a huge difference from my experiences in 3rd grade. It seems like every time I undergo a huge project online, I have a name change to reflect my changing interests and moods.

While I continue my neverending search for a project, I can’t help but think about the great experiences I have had in the past, and the times I shared with people. Who knows what else is in store?

Once in a while, I run into people I have worked or played with before over the internet. I’ve seen a few of my old guild members floating around on GAIA Online or on Myspace. I recently found my boss from the Angel Island Shrine as a newly hired GM on EuphRO under the name, Zaya. But I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised… After all, it really is a small Internet.


  1. Stardust Reverie
    Transfer Student
    Class 1-C
    Valid from: 10/25/2008 at 4:18 pm

    Small internet, indeed.I am uncertain if I really should stop by to provide my greetings, or even if I need to, but I'm here anyway. I must say that I am impressed with what I have seen of your blog, barring any spoiler-type material that I elected to skip over. I discovered this place some months back, out of boredom as I was browsing through some past ties of mine, and either you're bad at covering your tracks or you want to be found anyway! Some more recent revelations have encouraged me to make an appearance, so I will take note of what is on my mind.I have to say that my respect for you has grown quite a bit (this has fluxuated rather significantly and somewhat frequently during the time we have known each other, as you may or may not have noticed), and I find it interesting to see someone who has changed the presentation of style and thought in such a way that it almost seems like a different person exists. Role-playing is a significant part of my own life, as you may not have had the chance to observe personally (or perhaps not have been aware of), and it is a great joy of mine to see others pursue similar immersions of linguistic talent and expression.It is equally impressive that you put so much effort into recounting your memorable past interests. Not everyone can put these and other similar thoughts into writing, much less publish them for public view. Certainly I would like to do the same, but I am adverse to blogs in general; a blog of my own would degrade into political banter and general irritation. (And I have much to be irate about!) After all, my [abandoned] personal forum board has turned out exactly this way already. In any case, my own online past is a rather complex thing to explain, and I would rather reserve it for only the closest of friends that do not exist for me yet.I may sound like a broken record for repeating this like so many others, but you have been loved and appreciated by a large audience during your days at EuphRO2, and we all applaud you for providing what you could during its earliest period of existance. Of course, this is also one period that I do not wish to bother looking back upon for various reasons, but unlike myself, you left in good faith with the greater community. You have not mentioned any of your other recent gaming experiences here, so I am not in my place to push for comments about such things. Just remember that within the group that formed thereafter, even despite some grievances, it was a mostly enjoyable situation which I would not have wanted to experience any other way. I would like to think the same goes for all relevant parties.I believe this is more than enough of my exaggerated eloquence for now (at least as eloquent as I can be while using the passive tense so frequently). I am offering a method of contact by e-mail, where we may discuss things further if you wish, even if it is for nothing more than to talk "just like old times", as they say.I wish you good fortune in your life and future. I hope I may yet have a chance to enjoy your company once more, under more ideal conditions. Stardust Reverie (Kikyou Lisianthus)


  2. Rafoie
    Transfer Student
    Class 1-D
    Valid from: 10/19/2008 at 5:07 am

    Hail to you, Fellow denizen of this Metaverse. I too remember when I first found this world… The first time I heard of google and my unwillingness to use it… Not so much anymore. Reading on peoples experiences with the internet fascinates me. Why? Because we are all here, we have all been there. Others' perspectives are actually frighteningly similar in many ways. To use the web to create, or to use it for fun… I used it for fun to start. I know the feel to create with the powers we are handed with this alternate world. Modeling, Coding, Scripting, Art, whatever you want to make… It can be done. To see what you have made come to life, is the best reward. I remember my early days of the internet, my introduction to IRC … chat rooms of MSN and AIM. Days long gone, and many more to follow. The people we meet in our early days leave big impacts on how we perform now. It is odd… I still remember people from #psow in efnet… Their denial of the practice common of "text speak" as it known now… or the classic term "AOL Chat talk". Their stubbornness and elitism maybe part of why I am who I am now. We all have our early masters. For you it appears to be Teknomiku and "D". For me… I have mine… of many different fields, leave it at that… We all take different paths in life. But no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. I guess is the best way to put it. I enjoy the tales you have on your site. They enabled me to reflect on my past… Very good. Well I will take my leave from this sector. May we meet again… I can not say but can only hope for. Fare thee well.


  3. SooRa
    Transfer Student
    Class 1-C
    Valid from: 10/17/2008 at 8:04 pm

    it's funny you bring up AnimaRO as I also used to play on that server at the same time debbie died and such… Moved to SerenityRO. EVENT GM at the time on anima. Justin then tells me later on after he finds out that the death of debbie was faked and she is really a he and how pissed off he was when he discovered the truth >_>…. I don't know 'how' true this is.. but you know! Rumors have a ring of truth somewhere in them at the very least XD. So who knows if thats true or not >_>. LOL Dial up.. god I remember those days… *shivers at the thought*


  4. Draco
    Transfer Student
    Class 2-D
    Valid from: 10/16/2008 at 3:37 pm

    Heh I remember back when the internet wasn't as graphical as we know it is now. Usenet FTW xDI'm glad that you've had such a wonderful experience on the internet. Heck everyone should have one at least once in their life. Although for me I've been more of a lurker, I've appreciated being in a community after being in EuphRO2. I enjoyed the time I spent with everyone, yourself included and I hope somewhere down the line we could all gather again, but for now let's just enjoy the paths we have taken ^^


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