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The highly acclaimed Code Geass R2 finally comes to a close and, if you ask me, it did so at the perfect time. But really, I am going to be extremely upset if Sunrise decides to make a 3rd season. Since all the conflict has been resolved and the world has hope, there is absolutely no reason to continue the series. Any more episodes would purely be Sunrise trying to milk the series‘ name for every last penny of profit than they can get. Please don’t screw this ending up, Sunrise.

Since my turning point post, the story of the series begins to falter; characters’ actions just don’t seem to be consistent with whom they really are. Apparently, Nunnaly absolutely despises her own brother because he uses Geass, but is perfectly ok with using FLEIA nukes to kill masses. Kallen completely turns on Lelouch after she finds out that he has the power of Geass despite the fact that Lelouch was her beloved Zero who made all the miracles occur. Guilford comes back randomly, similar to how Orange-kun did… out of the blue. Somehow these little tidbits give the impression of a rushed series, or rather a desperate attempt to create conflicts between the characters.

The inconsistencies in the anime echo the concerns of Code Geass R2’s director, Taniguchi, who has been asserting from the start that Code Geass R2 ended up “Not as Planned.” I can understand how Taniguchi would have to completely rework the plot to not only appeal to a different time slot’s audience, but also to make sure that the new audience can understand whats going on… Taniguchi originally intended for R2 to pick up after the first season, eliminating any need to clarify the present situation. In short, a time slot change threw everything off.

…especially [for] poor Taniguchi who’s, at this point, probably just desperately slopping whatever the bosses and the fanbase want on a storyboard, between the late changes to Geass and the failure of Planetes

…and that certainly seems to be the case. Sayoko as a ninja? Orange-kun working at an orange farm? C.C. losing her memories and becoming a servant? If you ask me, these just sound like a bunch of bad memes. I would be much more interested in how Taniguchi expected to portray R2.

As for the ending, I would say that it was a very appropriate ending for the series. I can’t say that it left me wanting anything more except maybe a slightly longer epilogue, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Even though the story of R2 resembled a trainwreck at times and 25% of the time, you had no clue what was going on, the ending tied everything up nicely, ending the series on a positive note rather than a negative one. What I was most afraid of was that the series would end in an uncertain future in a negative light; this would make all the deaths in the series in vain. In fact, contrary to the development of the anime itself, I was extremely pleased with the “Just as planned” note in which Lelouch was killed off. It was only when he falls does Nunally realize that Lelouch was a good person, working to unite the world in a land of peace.

As for the demeanor of the ending, it brought to light a very important human trait. It is true that humans, when faced with a grim situation, always look for someone to give the blame. Instead of holding a population at bay by utilizing a weapon of mass destruction such as the Damocles, Lelouch decides to bear the blame of the world. By purposely making himself hated by everyone and then staging a death by “Zero,” Lelouch was able to assure a world with conflict resolved by juxtaposing “good emperor” with “bad dictator.” Only when the people had someone to blame, were they content. So while the world rejoices in the death of the “evil” Emperor Lelouch, only his closest friends know his true, altruistic, intention: Suzaku, Nunally, and C.C. Lelouch is truly an unsung hero.

The epilogue was my favorite part of the entire episode. It portrayed a happy life between the people loyal to Lelouch and the original Black Knights. I found it absolutely wonderful how everyone was able to find their own niches in society, rather than continuing as soldiers. The part of it that I most enjoyed however, was the last 10 seconds(ish) of the episode, before the ending credits. C.C. lies on a cart of hay (Spice and Wolf, eh?) being drawn by an unknown driver, reminiscing about life and humanity.

Nothing says a “bright future is in store” like that.



  1. lanz
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    oh iwas so sad for the finale what i saw was lelouch was killed..ohh cry cry


  2. Draco
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    Yeah I liked how it ended as well. All through out the series you'd be seeing Lelouch as the suffering hero where he bares upon himself the consequences of his own actions. Lelouch has done a very convincing job in front of the people around him that he is as what they see him and only the few people close to him know his true intentions. Even Kallen in the end realized what Lelouch was planning to do and saw the good in him despite the evil he has shown everyone.Suzaku though had a fitting "punishment" for him as Lelouch and him discussed. Through out the series he criticized Zero for his brand of justice and constantly went against him every single time. And now he bears the mask of Zero who is still known by the masses as an ally of justice. The burden of responsibility to uphold justice in the new world now lies in Suzaku's hands.All in all, the series has a fitting ending. Lelouch accomplished what he set out to do which was change the world. He also managed to have people forget about the "Genocide Princess" by becoming the tyrant dictator that everyone despises. And though the series ended, I'm pretty sure Sunrise would find a way to milk it one way or the other. Maybe an OVA or two but hopefully just a retelling of the series, if not maybe an extended epilogue. Then again who knows -___-


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