Top 3 Opportunities for Adventure

Since the dawn of time to present day, people have always fantasized about an ideal life; One that is usually much different from their current. Of course such lifestyles are pure fantasies, but a common dream for many people is to be some sort of an adventurer. While, for the most part, to become such is impossible given that our state of reality does not permit it, media still exists which feelings of adventure are invoked.

I admit, sometimes I really dream about adventure. However, while I can’t embark on one, I do have various things which can convey the sense of adventure to stimulate my wandering mind. If I ever need a break from our normal “human” existence, I enjoy immersing myself in the following…

3.Ragnarok Online
While I certainly might be biased, I consider the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online fourth in line as the tops in adventure value. Sure, there are other, 3D games with lush elven villages and gorgeous castles, but Ragnarok Online harbors special attention from me because of the fact that it was my first MMO.

Ragnarok Online does hold itself in popularity however; Thousands of servers exist. The game gives flexibility in what to do. Do you want to be a fighter or just hang out and talk to your guild in Prontera? Would you prefer to be a thief or a merchant? Would you prefer to be in a guild or solo? The answers to all of these questions decide what type of person you are gonna be in the kingdom of Rune Midgard.

OK, so nothing spectacular yet. However, what absolutely blew me away is the utter variety of the game’s maps. Maps built off Asian countries (Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand!), maps with wonders of nature, maps in perpetual darkness, maps with corrupt schemes, maps that let you cast off everything about you and bask in the wonderful environment before you. With such a diverse environment with fitting music, it is easy to get lost in the subtle magic that compels us to play the game. To fight across these maps alone, with friends, or even with a guild that you call your family, can be described in no less than “bliss“.

2.Star Trek
I know that this may seem a bit out of place in an adventure article (as #3 no less!). You must be thinking, “Come on, there is no skyline, trolls, and mythical creatures to be found in Star Trek… what type of adventure is this?” Trust me, I have a perfectly logical (Spock…) explanation for this classification.

Now imagine that man acquires the ability to travel to faraway galaxies and finds that there are other sentient beings; Some even more so than humans. All of a sudden, we aren’t at the top of the food chain anymore now, are we? Suddenly, Earth feels a whole lot smaller, as now, it is cast into a huge unknown that has recently became explorable. This is the basis of Star Trek: The Original Series…

Space… The final frontier…
These are the voyages of the star ship, Enterprise.
It’s five year mission, to explore strange new worlds…
To seek out new life, and new civilizations…
To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

As excerpted from the opening monologue, Star Trek is all about exploring the unknown… sound like an adventure yet? The aspect of this series that I find most appealing however, is the fact that humans aren’t all powerful anymore and need to deal with challenges as they are presented. Imagine that one day, Earth is on the brink of destruction by an unknown alien probe (Star Trek IV: The Journey Home) or a dangerous weapon is created and falls into an enemy’s hands? (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). From that point on, life is no longer taken for granted… it is a journey for survival and peace.

1.Spice and Wolf
Number one, my eternal happy place, Spice and Wolf! This unique anime depicts a romantic journey of a merchant and his partner, Horo. The story itself focuses in the travel, rather than a larger plot; This gives one more of an opportunity to absorb the atmosphere presented in the show.

Life itself is simple; There is no technology, and wealth is acquired primarily through trade. As a traveling (and quite shrewd) merchant, Craft Lawrence has no home, but rather travels through different towns to gain money in hopes of opening a shop and settling down with a partner one day. However one day he finds a wolf-girl named Horo…

Resolving to journey to the North and returning Horo to her homeland, Lawrence and Horo become partners in business. While you wouldn’t call the two a couple or (at times) even friends, something about the constant, insignificant quibbles that they partake in brings livelihood to their relationship. Social interactions aside, there are serious moments as well where conspiracy is revealed and betrayals ensue.

The main and most important appeal however, is the true sense of adventure that the anime conveys. It focuses on the journey, not an elaborate plot. In a sleepy environment with a carefree atmosphere, Spice and Wolf makes one want to take a moment and appreciate simplicity.


  1. SooRa
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    I feel driven to watch spice and wolf now. lol


  2. Zoey
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    Valid from: 09/03/2008 at 5:08 pm

    ah spice and wolf such a good series ^^ I loved its story, I should go rewatch it.


  3. Yon
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    Valid from: 08/25/2008 at 1:57 am

    Very nice post, it really underlines the importance of dreams :) (when reality becomes too sad it's great to have a break sometimes)I think that there's an aspect of Ragnarok Online that you haven't emphasized enough… It's the challenge level of the game. Effectively, getting valuable items in game is very difficult so you need to work on your character carefully to know what equipment you'll have to hunt for… Maybe some persons lack patience but this is why this game is so interesting, because you have to spend a lot of time on your character to become what you truly want. Moreover, foes are usually very strong so you need to be very careful if you want to be strong.And in my opinion, people don't look only for adventure, but also they search peacefulness, which is harder to find in real life than in dreams ^_^ (that's why i enjoy so much fishing ^_^ ).


  4. Draco
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    Yeah I like the selection you have for your top five opportunities for adventure. It's always good to immerse yourself into something just to get away from it all (in moderation of course). Heck back when I was younger, my form of adventure was actually drawing my own comic books. Which reminds me, I should get back to that or something :P


  5. Lolly
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    Valid from: 08/23/2008 at 6:48 am

    I looooove Spice and Wolf! :D I just wish it was longer~


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