To the Future of Dreams

I hope I am not the only one who recognizes the song from which I borrowed the title of this post… it is a nice song! At any rate, as with most songs that are meaningful to me, one would likely not understand why I like it so much without the understanding the context in which I first heard it. This song however comes from Mana Khemia as an opening to the school in which the game takes place– a campus full of promise, friendship, and the means to pursue one’s dream. While I allow the beauty of this introduction to touch me as a gamer, I tend to be somewhat skeptical about the concept of “dreams” in real life. I understand concepts such as “fantasies” and “goals,” but what is a “dream?”

First off, I have to wonder, do I have a “dream?” I want to become a doctor with my own practice and raise a family in a stable household– one that is not troubled with moving to a new city every few years. I would agree that this is my ultimate goal, but is this a dream? For some reason, I feel that if one is pursuing a dream, he or she should spend the majority of their time working towards their dream in some fashion; a person who dreams to be a programmer should spend his or her free time researching emerging languages, a teacher should constantly attempt to better themselves to a point of light obsession, etc. What I am getting at is that I do my work and then spend about a third of my time awake playing games or messing around. Does this mean that I am any less serious in achieving my goals than someone who is pouring their sweat and blood into following their dream?

After thinking about myself, I finally decided that the answer to the above was a “no,” but also realized that the question was unfair. As it stands, I am currently in an environment that only incorporates my interests in a basic manner. Sure undergraduate college is a huge improvement from high school, but most of the time I am stuck doing so much “extra stuff” to either satisfy my requirements to graduate or make my résumé look nice. Because of the way medical school is set up, everything I will be learning will be relevant to what I want to do as a profession. All my friends will be going through the same exact classes with the same goal. There will truly be a tight-knit atmosphere for everyone to move toward the same end result– to graduate as a physician. I suppose such a campus is not so different from going to an alchemy school in the middle of a floating island, huh?

Applying to medical school is an expensive ordeal. With my parents’ help, the total cost of travel, applications, and deposits reached close to $10,000. Having visited many schools, there tended to be a common theme of people helping each other and working together to get through their classes– few drop out of medical school. This came as a bit of a relief to me, honestly. Since so many people talk about their “college days,” I felt that my “school days” would be ending with the conclusion of my undergrad. On the contrary,I now understand that they will be beginning anew.

The reason for this somewhat disorganized post is because medical school has been sitting heavily on my mind as of late. This is because I am at a crossroads– I have been accepted into my top choice school out of state, but I have yet to hear back from my school of choice in state because Texas has their own “special” process that will not tell me whether I am accepted or not until February 1st (or even worse– wait-listed indefinitely). Two vastly different lifestyles await me right now: either I can spend my schooling in the familiar Dallas area with half the tuition expenses, or spend the next few years of my life in sunny Ft. Lauderdale in a totally new state. I would be happy with both lifestyles as both have their pros and cons, but since they are so different, I am getting a bit anxious to learn which path I will be going down.

I look forward to my new life and new learning environment– one where I will be happy to absorb everything to better myself as a healer. I also look forward to the medical student community and traveling down the path to become a doctor together with everyone… no nonsense with class scheduling and electives. All in all, it would be a fresh new mindset for a new learning environment. With my new experiences and new friends, I also hope to finally start thinking about looking for a partner to share my time with. Oh well… I recently got reminded that a lot can happen in a short amount of time. Let us all hope for the best in February!

To the Future of Dreams indeed~



  1. Tao
    Transfer Student
    Class 4-B
    Valid from: 11/30/2012 at 2:56 am

    Your school of choice in state, would be less worrisome. Having a sense of familiarity can help in more ways than one. Switching states can bring about changes you may have never expected. Congrats on your top school of choice though. Hope all goes well in February I’m rooting for ya.

    Almost forgot…Mana-Khemia FTW!


  2. Club Participant
    Class 4-A
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    Valid from: 11/26/2012 at 4:08 am

    Congrats on being accepted to your top choice for out of state! At least you can now relax a little bit, knowing that you’ll at least be going to your choice of med school, albeit out of state. I’d say you cleared the next hurdle (getting into med school), but I feel that saying needs to wait until the Texas schools send out their acceptances/rejections.

    Is this post the reason why you suddenly want me to play Mana Khemia? It’s really too bad that my copy didn’t work. :<


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