Do You Find This Song… Alluring?

Hello everyone! I regret to inform you that this is not a standard post on our blog, but rather a request for our readers. On average, this site gets around 30+ visitors a day. Out of that number, I know that there are quite a bit loyal readers (and lurkers!) who frequent Kept After Class.

What I ask is simple really… To help me with my school work. Eh?!- Wait! Please don’t walk away! Well it’s not my homework or anything like that– See, we need to conduct a survey for one of my college Natural Sciences classes. Basically, we need you to listen to some songs and rate how sensual/alluring they are. Intrigued yet? Please check it out on this page!

Note: I have currently disable comments on both this post and on the survey. This is to protect the integrity of the data we collect! I appreciate you taking the time to do it though. Once our research will be completed, I will be sure to post our results/conclusion here for all to see.

Thanks for your input!

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