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Adrift Between Signposts

I have been pretty content lately as my life goes on. I recently earned my Bachelors of Science, straightened out everything to start medical school in the Fall, and moved out of my apartment in Dallas to spend the Summer at my parents’ house in Houston. For the past few years, most of my summers have been at least partially “busy”– either due to studying for entrance exams or taking classes to stay ahead; it’s kind of nice to have … Continue reading

A New School

It’s finally done! Alright, perhaps our new layout is not 100% finished, but it is certainly complete enough to air so that I may start collecting feedback– when making this new theme, I had to do a couple things differently in my programming sandbox than I would on this server so finally putting it into use will give me a better idea about what needs work. First off, how do you like the new layout? I got sick of modifying … Continue reading


I had to make this post as soon as possible, even if only to get down my thoughts before they start to dissipate. At 1:25 AM after just coming back home to Dallas from the airport, I would not start writing a blog entry in such a state unless something is significantly bothering me. Around 11:30 PM, I was driving back home to my apartment from the airport’s extended-stay parking lot. I was tired after the late night flight and … Continue reading

Dropping the Mask

It has been about a month since my experience at A-Kon 23, and while it has faded somewhat by now (as my other obligations arrive to command my attention), the memory lay burned in my memory weeks after the event. Perhaps such a thing is not strange to some, but catching myself thinking about June 1-3 in vivid recollections was a mode of day-dreaming that not even visiting family for the holidays would provoke. I simply was not the type … Continue reading

The Trip Home

Ever since I came to college, holidays between semesters have had an extra charm added to them. I have fond memories of the road trips I have taken when traveling between Dallas and Houston on my time off. Combined with the lack of schoolwork on one’s head, the prospect of saying a temporary goodbye to the friends you live with, and the fact that you will get to see your family again, such trips are just as memorable as the … Continue reading

Invisible Friends

It fascinates me to no end how technology these days lets us make friends and stay in touch with people who cross our paths online. I remember that when I was younger, kids in my grade level had a hard time staying in touch because email was not widespread among us and platforms such as Facebook did not exist yet. Partly due to the amount of times I had to move in my middle school years, I have come to … Continue reading

My Setpoint of Happiness

Since my last post, I have finished up my Fall 2011 semester and have come home to visit my parents for the holidays. I once again must apologize for such a post since it is not often that I actually talk about personal problems, but like the last time I felt compelled to write such a post, the act of doing so helped my mind sort out a few things. Of course, such posts remain on the site because my … Continue reading

Kyrie, Eleison

I’m a little embarrassed that the first post of 2011 goes live in the middle of Spring… It just goes to show how busy I am. Did I mention I’m taking my MCAT this year? (Stop making excuses!) *Bows* I apologize– rest assured, I have no intention of letting this blog gather dust. It’s almost as if school goes out of session here on Kept After Class when school is in session in real life! It is however eerily fitting … Continue reading

Family Life

You know, this post is actually a quite difficult post for me to write. Not because the topic is a difficult one or something, but because I always internally debate whether or not to write it. Things happen… This is life. As much as I tend to believe/pretend otherwise, I’m still human too. This is why when sometimes I am in a bad mood in regards to the rest of my family, or because of reminiscing too long on my … Continue reading

Consumer Electronics: Resisting the Urge to Sheeple

You know, I tend to consider myself a logical and level-headed individual. Ok let me rephrase that– that description makes me seem like a boring individual wearing a not-amused expression all the time. Decision making… I’m talking about decision making! It’s a pretty tough thing to get used to, especially for young people such as myself. Now, I haven’t led an ideal life, but it has been a rather unique one. See, simply due to bad luck, I’ve spent my … Continue reading

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