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Who Are You?!

As a gamer, I try to keep knowledgeable about the latest developments in the gaming world. I tend to frequent the Internet quite a bit, so it came as an interesting bit of information that Blizzard, (owner of the massive World of Warcraft and Starcraft franchises) was considering making a mandatory RealID system. This system would do away with the (as of right now) common practice of having one’s online identity masked by a handle or screen-name. Instead, the user’s … Continue reading

Speciosus Vita

I don’t tend to blog about anime much, but every once in a while, I come across a series that I find especially enjoyable. Granted I don’t have the time to watch many series, I try to approach each new anime with an open mind ready to be immersed in a new world and new story. Recently with the help of my friends, I found Angel Beats and fell in love with it immediately. Angel Beats was developed by Studio … Continue reading

Ragnarok Online 2 Mk. II

Wow– It sure has been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, I have been busy with my own stuff in a brand new school. I must say that my reclusive behavior has been for the better though! I just finished my first year and I must say I did quite well. It pains me to not be as involved online as I once was, but it really is a critical time in my education… Sacrifices must be made unfortunately. In my … Continue reading

It All Comes Down To Expression

Something that constantly piques my interest is the variety of art styles that emerge in anime and how crucial the way the characters are drawn is to portraying their personalities. As technology enables producers to develop more and more realistic media to express their creations, I sometimes find myself feeling that  I am looking at a different character, instead of the one I know. Live action adaptations for anime are known to be… Pretty bad. Don’t get me wrong, some live … Continue reading

Taking A Break From School By … Doing Schoolwork

Oho! Well you certainly do not see me talking about a game every day. In fact, I’ll admit… Personally I’m not entirely sure what is so great about this game. Perhaps it is because I am a student (a study oriented one at that!), but something about Mana Khemia just captivates me. Sure it’s an old game and I am slow to pick it up, but truth be told it was actually sitting around for months before I actually played … Continue reading

Better Raise Some of My Class Skills

So here’s a topic I haven’t really touched in a while: MMOs. What? That’s all I talk about? Nonsense! I simply don’t tend to post other things on here! As a busy student, I really do not have time to dedicate to MMOs anymore. Lately, I have just been focusing on time-killer games on the PSP or elsewhere. A few days ago, my room mate asked me why I bother with MMOs. While they too were a gamer, they simply … Continue reading

eAthena: Doing too Good of a Job?

As you all know, I was once an avid Ragnarok Online player. I know I revisit the topic a lot, but people have the tendency to keep a special place in their hearts for their “firsts.” In my case, Ragnarok Online was my first MMO… ever. Especially for some of us online-regulars, you might be able to see the significance of such a thing. Perhaps my memories of the game are romanticized by now, but never have I had such … Continue reading

Vocaloid: Virtual Entertainers

You know, I’m a little strange in the way that I don’t like to reveal the things I like. I mean, I’d be into something (say a television series or character) but would not talk about it or even not wish to discuss it; Instead, my actions would give away my fondness for the character/concept. For example, I would claim not to like something, but then I would turn around and draw it or otherwise express my fondness of the … Continue reading

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