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What You Leave Behind

As I type this, it really feels strange to think that by the time this post will be published, I will be a college graduate. At this point, I have shared with you guys both the beginning of my college life, and now the end. For four years you have read my hopes, my obstacles, and my moments of enjoyment as I pushed my way through college life. As I can see the end of this life on the horizon … Continue reading

Life in the F4s L4n3!1

Months ago, I was idling in the #onigiri IRC channel that I frequent when I saw a message directed to me. Acy, the wacky channel throw-rug with chickens on the brain, left a single link in the otherwise quiet chatroom: “bokmaren revenge ovo” I watched the video and simply laughed at this pathetic excuse for a “revenge” towards me (for what, I am not certain). Little did I know at the time just how completely it would infect my … Continue reading

Prelude’s End

Despite the fact that I have one more semester of undergraduate college left, I can say with certainty now that I am done. I am done with the long prologue that precludes my medical education and ultimate career. Gone are the days of dabbling between courses and internships hoping to be a strong candidate to enter the privileged field of medicine– I am a medical student now! Having expressed my anxiousness to receive a final word about my fate in … Continue reading

To the Future of Dreams

I hope I am not the only one who recognizes the song from which I borrowed the title of this post… it is a nice song! At any rate, as with most songs that are meaningful to me, one would likely not understand why I like it so much without the understanding the context in which I first heard it. This song however comes from Mana Khemia as an opening to the school in which the game takes place– a … Continue reading

Fleeting School Days

When I think back to middle school and recall the stories that some of my teachers would share about their college-days, I remember how hard they made it seem. Despite this, I would always get the sense that some of their fondest memories had taken place in college, and I can now say with experience that they were correct on both counts. Since freshman year, I have shared with you all my experiences and the memories that I have come … Continue reading

Legendary Bad Luck

*Inhales* It’s done! As you may know, I sacrificed my Summer vacation this year to focus on one of the most important hurdles of my academic career– the MCAT. The Medical College Admissions Test was my endgame this semester and I was determined to practically drop any leisure activities until the test date. That day was today. To put things in perspective, I live in Houston, Texas and stay up at the University of Texas at Dallas during the school … Continue reading

37.5% Done With This Stepping Stone

Yet another semester has passed by– a passing that is indicated by the interruption of a long period of silence on my blog. Blogging is one of the activities I look forward to when I am on holiday, since during my day to day activities, I often make mental notes to mention on my future posts. That being said, I made sure to glance at my Google Analytics report to see how my traffic is holding up. I am happy … Continue reading

The Cakes That Weren’t Lies

I really need to count the posts that I begin by saying “wow, it’s been a while since my last post, huh?” Oh well… at least I didn’t start this post with that line. As you might have guessed, I have once again become busy due to school. Last year, you guys followed me from the start of my first year in college to the end, where I would often marvel at the plethora of new experiences I would face. … Continue reading

…And Suddenly, It’s Over

It is the end of the beginning, until next time that is. Since last Fall, many of you guys have been following my adventures (or perhaps lack of) during my first year of college. Based by seeing the titles of a few of my posts alone, one could easily see that this school year has been a real eye-opener for me– A brand new experience. I’ll refrain from rambling about the things I normally do when discussing my new school … Continue reading

Survey Outcome– Thank You!

First of all, I would like to take a moment and thank each an every reader, visitor, and classmate who took the time to participate in our class project. We ended up having a total of 73 participants in the short duration the survey was administered and accumulated valuable input during the process. For our project, we originally got the idea from a LiveScience article talking about how male birds who sing sexy songs to their female partners cause the … Continue reading

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