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Stagnation and Resumption

So the year 2013 draws to an end– a year I knew would be full of many changes. As I now finish my first semester of medical school, it is hard to believe that this was the same year that I graduated from my undergraduate college, went on vacation across Orlando with my family, and started medical school in a new city. College has truly been the best thing to happen to me, with the past four years being packed … Continue reading

It Has Been a While, Old Friends

I bet my parents wonder sometimes whether it was a good idea to expose me to video games when I was little; it was them who offered to get me a console even though I was fine messing about on the computer most of the time! I believe the very first time I got a taste of gaming was when I stayed at my cousin’s house overseas and would bother her to hook up the Sega Mega Drive. I would … Continue reading

Realized Gratefulness

 SMILE, as remixed in the Persona 4 -Reincarnation- album. The song that often plays when deepening Social Links I sit here beginning to type this post roughly five and a half hours after Thanksgiving Day has officially ended in the United States– an oddly apt delay considering the content of this post. I suppose that’s also my personality under normal circumstances. I quietly reflect and pick apart my feelings, exposing underlying feelings that give me a better understanding about the … Continue reading

Truth is… Multifaceted

The truth is, I have been having a hard time adjusting to my new life– something that did not happen during my transition from high school to undergrad. I suppose I left my undergraduate college expecting life in medical school to be similar; undoubtedly harder, but similar. I was excited about living in my own apartment, the science-oriented student body, and the block class schedule (meaning that instead of having multiple classes at once, we would have one class at … Continue reading

A Calling and a Journey

Four years ago, I entered my undergraduate college as a Biology major– not because I loved Biology, but because I felt it to be the best means for me to pursue a path towards Medicine. I ended up thoroughly enjoying my undergraduate college life, but a part of me would also feel that my time there was simply a means to an end; another stepping stone towards actually being trained to practice medicine. As everyone else has, I traveled the … Continue reading

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