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Better Raise Some of My Class Skills

So here’s a topic I haven’t really touched in a while: MMOs. What? That’s all I talk about? Nonsense! I simply don’t tend to post other things on here! As a busy student, I really do not have time to dedicate to MMOs anymore. Lately, I have just been focusing on time-killer games on the PSP or elsewhere. A few days ago, my room mate asked me why I bother with MMOs. While they too were a gamer, they simply … Continue reading

A Winter Spent With Friends

The last time I posted anything here was when I came home from college during winter break. You know how it is when school starts again– Back to the grind. It’s been busy, but I have been meaning to post some of my recent experiences here though. I’m sure many of you know by now that the college life has really been a new experience for me. Accordingly, I am sure that this winter will be something I won’t forget. … Continue reading

Home Again

So it’s finally over… A semester of college gone in an instant. At last, I am finally back at home in a comfortable room, a soft bed, and a clean house that still has that newly constructed smell. Still though, at the same time I feel… away from home. As I fall back into routine at my own house, I cannot help but think about my apartment back in Dallas, and the friends I met there. So yesterday was the … Continue reading

~Memorable Days

A few months ago, I reached an important point in my life and went off to college, living with complete strangers. I am sorry for taking so long to update, but as promised, I am here with my thoughts about college life. Some insightful friends of mine mentioned that the quality of people’s lives depends on their perception of how they are living. In all honesty, I hear idioms stating such things all the time. Thus, while thankful for their … Continue reading

eAthena: Doing too Good of a Job?

As you all know, I was once an avid Ragnarok Online player. I know I revisit the topic a lot, but people have the tendency to keep a special place in their hearts for their “firsts.” In my case, Ragnarok Online was my first MMO… ever. Especially for some of us online-regulars, you might be able to see the significance of such a thing. Perhaps my memories of the game are romanticized by now, but never have I had such … Continue reading

Vocaloid: Virtual Entertainers

You know, I’m a little strange in the way that I don’t like to reveal the things I like. I mean, I’d be into something (say a television series or character) but would not talk about it or even not wish to discuss it; Instead, my actions would give away my fondness for the character/concept. For example, I would claim not to like something, but then I would turn around and draw it or otherwise express my fondness of the … Continue reading

Those First Few, Hectic Days.

((I apologize for the low image quality! As some have heard, my camera broke before move-in so I had to use my cellphone. As you can see, I had not properly configured my phone-camera yet.)) Day 1: Move-In So I had to wake up early at about 5:00 AM to get ready to drive to Dallas. The drive in itself was pretty smooth… I mean nothing huge happened. (Driving for 5 hours was pretty boring though). To top that off, … Continue reading

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