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Ragnarok Online 2 Mk. II

Wow– It sure has been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, I have been busy with my own stuff in a brand new school. I must say that my reclusive behavior has been for the better though! I just finished my first year and I must say I did quite well. It pains me to not be as involved online as I once was, but it really is a critical time in my education… Sacrifices must be made unfortunately. In my … Continue reading

It All Comes Down To Expression

Something that constantly piques my interest is the variety of art styles that emerge in anime and how crucial the way the characters are drawn is to portraying their personalities. As technology enables producers to develop more and more realistic media to express their creations, I sometimes find myself feeling that  I am looking at a different character, instead of the one I know. Live action adaptations for anime are known to be… Pretty bad. Don’t get me wrong, some live … Continue reading

An Unknown Variable

Now here is a subject that you would not really expect to see on this site… I admit it may seem a little out of the blue too. Don’t get me wrong though– This post has nothing to do with real life events. Well… Maybe a little, but probably not in the way you might think! See, I am a science student who just finished freshman year of college. I am definitely passionate about what I do, and I also … Continue reading

…And Suddenly, It’s Over

It is the end of the beginning, until next time that is. Since last Fall, many of you guys have been following my adventures (or perhaps lack of) during my first year of college. Based by seeing the titles of a few of my posts alone, one could easily see that this school year has been a real eye-opener for me– A brand new experience. I’ll refrain from rambling about the things I normally do when discussing my new school … Continue reading

Survey Outcome– Thank You!

First of all, I would like to take a moment and thank each an every reader, visitor, and classmate who took the time to participate in our class project. We ended up having a total of 73 participants in the short duration the survey was administered and accumulated valuable input during the process. For our project, we originally got the idea from a LiveScience article talking about how male birds who sing sexy songs to their female partners cause the … Continue reading

Do You Find This Song… Alluring?

Hello everyone! I regret to inform you that this is not a standard post on our blog, but rather a request for our readers. On average, this site gets around 30+ visitors a day. Out of that number, I know that there are quite a bit loyal readers (and lurkers!) who frequent Kept After Class. What I ask is simple really… To help me with my school work. Eh?!- Wait! Please don’t walk away! Well it’s not my homework or … Continue reading

This Is What You Are Paid To Do?

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have very little exposure to the real world, but yesterday I was absolutely appalled at the poor service given to me in various places. Granted, I have never worked a day in my life (I usually volunteer or intern somewhere) but when I do so, I give my absolute best. As a staple rule, I always treat people with politeness and take the time to listen to them whenever I am on duty, … Continue reading

Taking A Break From School By … Doing Schoolwork

Oho! Well you certainly do not see me talking about a game every day. In fact, I’ll admit… Personally I’m not entirely sure what is so great about this game. Perhaps it is because I am a student (a study oriented one at that!), but something about Mana Khemia just captivates me. Sure it’s an old game and I am slow to pick it up, but truth be told it was actually sitting around for months before I actually played … Continue reading

Mother Nature Disowns Me

So I recently have been coming to realize that the outdoors and I do not mix at all– period. Now this statement would not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me… Especially in college. If I was not at a nerdy, research based school already, I would probably be considered what many would call a nerd. This distinction does not bother me the least; on the contrary, I love being a nerd! Though if one would look at … Continue reading

I’d Like One Free Spring Break Please

So you guys know that I am a first year year college student– Meaning that I am fairly new to this lifestyle. Back in high school and middle school, it would always be the same thing: Wake up at 6:20 AM and arrive in class before the first bell would ring at 7:30 AM. It’s [shockingly!] a tad different in college… Everyone I know has a screwed up sleeping schedule one way or another. Of course when I see these people, … Continue reading

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