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Legendary Bad Luck

*Inhales* It’s done! As you may know, I sacrificed my Summer vacation this year to focus on one of the most important hurdles of my academic career– the MCAT. The Medical College Admissions Test was my endgame this semester and I was determined to practically drop any leisure activities until the test date. That day was today. To put things in perspective, I live in Houston, Texas and stay up at the University of Texas at Dallas during the school … Continue reading

The Journey Never Ends

As many of you know, I am a rather enthusiastic Star Trek fan. As nerdy as my university is, it regrettably does not have a student organization dedicated to the franchise. Wanting to spread awareness about the exploits of James T. Kirk and the others, I planned on starting just such a club next semester. Unfortunately, I am beginning to suspect that, with my increasingly intensive studies, I simply will not have the time to effectively lead the project. Instead, … Continue reading

Kyrie, Eleison

I’m a little embarrassed that the first post of 2011 goes live in the middle of Spring… It just goes to show how busy I am. Did I mention I’m taking my MCAT this year? (Stop making excuses!) *Bows* I apologize– rest assured, I have no intention of letting this blog gather dust. It’s almost as if school goes out of session here on Kept After Class when school is in session in real life! It is however eerily fitting … Continue reading

La Mort de l’empathie

There are a number of reasons a person would brand an anime, or any television show in general, as a good show. If you know me, I tend to value shows that teach important lessons about life and society, even if they don’t mean to. As of late, I have been focusing on a long-time running series called Detective Conan. This show first aired in Japan in 1996 and has been airing since, due to its loyal fan base. (500+ … Continue reading

37.5% Done With This Stepping Stone

Yet another semester has passed by– a passing that is indicated by the interruption of a long period of silence on my blog. Blogging is one of the activities I look forward to when I am on holiday, since during my day to day activities, I often make mental notes to mention on my future posts. That being said, I made sure to glance at my Google Analytics report to see how my traffic is holding up. I am happy … Continue reading

The Cakes That Weren’t Lies

I really need to count the posts that I begin by saying “wow, it’s been a while since my last post, huh?” Oh well… at least I didn’t start this post with that line. As you might have guessed, I have once again become busy due to school. Last year, you guys followed me from the start of my first year in college to the end, where I would often marvel at the plethora of new experiences I would face. … Continue reading

Family Life

You know, this post is actually a quite difficult post for me to write. Not because the topic is a difficult one or something, but because I always internally debate whether or not to write it. Things happen… This is life. As much as I tend to believe/pretend otherwise, I’m still human too. This is why when sometimes I am in a bad mood in regards to the rest of my family, or because of reminiscing too long on my … Continue reading

Who Are You?!

As a gamer, I try to keep knowledgeable about the latest developments in the gaming world. I tend to frequent the Internet quite a bit, so it came as an interesting bit of information that Blizzard, (owner of the massive World of Warcraft and Starcraft franchises) was considering making a mandatory RealID system. This system would do away with the (as of right now) common practice of having one’s online identity masked by a handle or screen-name. Instead, the user’s … Continue reading

Speciosus Vita

I don’t tend to blog about anime much, but every once in a while, I come across a series that I find especially enjoyable. Granted I don’t have the time to watch many series, I try to approach each new anime with an open mind ready to be immersed in a new world and new story. Recently with the help of my friends, I found Angel Beats and fell in love with it immediately. Angel Beats was developed by Studio … Continue reading

Consumer Electronics: Resisting the Urge to Sheeple

You know, I tend to consider myself a logical and level-headed individual. Ok let me rephrase that– that description makes me seem like a boring individual wearing a not-amused expression all the time. Decision making… I’m talking about decision making! It’s a pretty tough thing to get used to, especially for young people such as myself. Now, I haven’t led an ideal life, but it has been a rather unique one. See, simply due to bad luck, I’ve spent my … Continue reading

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