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Ragnarok Online 2 Mk. II

Wow– It sure has been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, I have been busy with my own stuff in a brand new school. I must say that my reclusive behavior has been for the better though! I just finished my first year and I must say I did quite well. It pains me to not be as involved online as I once was, but it really is a critical time in my education… Sacrifices must be made unfortunately. In my … Continue reading

EuphRO2: A Closed Milestone

It’s a tad overdue, but I feel it’s my personal responsibility due to my involvement to post a formal closure as someone has neglected to do so. To The Players of EuphRO2: Perhaps you have never heard of me, or perhaps you have heard of me but never met me. In that case, welcome! I am [GM] Chii, former head-GM of EuphRO2. I was on the EuphRO2 team since the birth of the server and have silently watched over it … Continue reading

Walking Across Familiar Ground

So as some people have noticed, lately I’ve hovered around a bit over at EuphRO2 again. It’s been a year… maybe more… since my last experiences with the server. Upon visiting as a normal player however, I have to say that a lot has changed. Or perhaps I should say there is a lack of change? The server itself has had only two new NPCs and no updates since my departure. The change I am referring to however is within … Continue reading

Come on, Gravity!

It’s been a while now since Ragnarok Online 2 was announced by Gravity. Can you still remember the excitement when a sequel to our beloved Ragnarok Online was announced? I mean, it hardly seems possible now doesn’t it? Believe it or not, Ragnarok Online 2 was once quite hyped up. Thoughts of seeing a 3D Prontera or Comodo along with the fact that Gravity hired Yoko Kanno to sing for some of the songs really attracted players… initially that is. … Continue reading

A Skewed Sense of Time

As many have probably noticed by now, I spend a large amount of time reminiscing about the past and what I would refer to as the “Good old days.” Since the dawn of the Internet, it was provided us with many new opportunities. People like me are able to do things never before possible and truly interact with people online and get things accomplished. As someone who enjoys to routinely perform a self analysis, I have noted that as a … Continue reading

EuphRO2 … the End of an Era

So it was possibly the biggest project that I had involved my self in – Saga, a Ragnarok Online 2 Emulator. How long has it been? I do believe that it has been approximately 8 months or so since that day I signed into the unknown, yet strangely mysterious world of Ragnarok Online 2. The day where I fell in love with the intricate 3D environment, the day when I experienced the Saga RO2 Emulation project. Never having been a … Continue reading