Persona 5 – Tunnel Vision

What is Persona to you? Do you regard its titles as stylish portrayals of Japanese culture? Dating simulators? Chances to live an idyllic school life? Second chances to impact society? Or do you prefer to view the series in more utilitarian terms such as “jRPG games”? Do you tend to focus on spending time with the characters and being a social butterfly or would you prefer to spend most of the play session inside dungeons to grind to a higher … Continue reading

Moe Moe Kyun!~ ♡

Maid cafes (メイドカフェ). A concept that is somehow simultaneously discomfiting, stirring, intriguing, and near ubiquitous in anime. Anyone who has watched a decent amount of anime series has at least had a brush with the concept of sugary sweet maids welcoming their masters into a cafe to shower them with attention. In such a fantasy world, the maids lovingly draw cutesy pictures on their masters’ food, cast magical spells to make their drinks delicious, and dedicate their attention to their … Continue reading

What I Had to Eat

Ask any nurse and they would swear that patients are simply different when a full moon is out. For whatever reason, patients who were previously improving suddenly start to find themselves getting sicker and, in the case of those already struggling against their maladies, vital signs abruptly plummet. It is during such days when one can see most of the nursing staff stay well past the end of their shifts as they frantically finish charting the relentless onslaught of tasks … Continue reading

Heart of a Scientist

At the end of 2017, I wrote a post expressing my contentment as I finally began to find my footing as a brand new nurse. In a couple months, I will have been employed at my hospital for a full calendar year and, though this is a short amount of time, I feel that I have more or less found my rhythm as I go about my work day. Since my departure from graduate nurse orientation on the unit, I … Continue reading

It’s Snowing…

Wintertime. As I write this, I am seated, one leg over the other, in a cozy little café near my house wearing a soft knit sweater that was sent to me by my grandmother. My tea is warm, the sky is overcast, and the trees visible to me outside the small shop windows possess no foliage to speak of. For the average Houstonian, today is a typical Winter day. It is also 65 °F outside. Such is the weather here … Continue reading

Now to Chronicle My Own Adventures…

With the holiday season upon us yet again, I cannot help but find myself swept up in mood to reminisce about this year. 2017 now draws to a close, and brings with it a familiar paradoxical feeling — a first impression suggests that the year passed far too soon, yet, as with every year in my life thus far, a more thoughtful reflection begs me to recall the momentous events that proudly made up another chapter in my life. I … Continue reading

Irreplaceable Moments

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about my experiences in starting the graduate nursing residency program at my place of hire, yet now I stand nearing the end of my training period; with my hospital orientation on track for me working on my own around Thanksgiving of this year, I’m being worked to the bone with some of the most complex cases that they can muster. The idea of being independent is thrilling, if not a little scary. … Continue reading

Thanks, Egg Man

During my second semester of nursing school, I was enrolled in a gerontology course in which I had the opportunity to spend time with senior citizens afflicted with dementia. During one of my assignments, I visited the sprawling grounds of a nearby Catholic school to attend a monthly social event for such individuals so that they could have a fresh face to converse with. I truly enjoyed it – after all, I consider myself a fairly sociable person and have … Continue reading

Two Weeks In

Over the past couple weeks, I have had a whirlwind of experiences – both familiar and new – as I have started my job as a critical care nurse in the Texas Medical Center (TMC). In fact, it is a little difficult for me to believe that two whole weeks have even passed since, as one can imagine, the process of orienting new nurses to the workplace is a gradual affair. This even more so is the case for newly … Continue reading

Endless Summer

You know the type of summer that gets depicted in anime? Real summer – the sort that leaves the sweltering streets all but deserted, save for the sounds of cicadas chirping. The kind of summer that spurs people to spend their afternoons indoors in front of a boxed fan – a brief respite from the humidity outside and an excuse to serve ice cream because it will taste that much sweeter. For many around the world, such is the face of summer. … Continue reading

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